fredag 19 februari 2010

The Laurel Hedge

En av mina favoit bloggar 
The Laurel Hedge
har haft detta inlägg som du måste läsa. Två systrar som;
Still are going for the good times in life.

The Laurel Hedge blogg är alltid läs värd.

MOTH's sister organized a family dinner while we were in Melbourne & along with many others, invited his favourite Auntie A. She arrived looking a million dollars, carrying a bottle of champers & a beautiful cake she'd baked that afternoon. In 2 weeks she will be 95! She kept us entertained all night, even using her cell phone to take some pics & then sending them to one of her grandsons along with a text message telling him what a great time she was having. She looked very disappointed when the rest of us ran out of steam at midnight! She lives in a wonderful apartment in one of Melbourne's most iconic buildings, a home she purchased off-the-plan as it was being built in the early 1950's. Her weekly Friday night After Work Cocktail Party for family & friends from the neighbouring apartments is legendary. 

When I told her how fabulous I think she is, she retorted 'Oh I'm not so special, B's. much more sprightly than me!' B. is Auntie A's. much-loved older stepsister. At 99 she lives in the Penthouse apartment directly above Auntie A. & has only just stopped driving her groovy little car. Every morning they meet for elevenses, taking turns hosting each other. They kept the same table for over 50 years in the old MCC Dining Room for game day lunch when their beloved Melbourne were playing at home at the G.

so want to be as good as these 2 girls when I'm their age, growing young not growing old. I still want to be in my own home, trowelling on the make-up every day, keeping my appointments at the Hairdresser's for a colour, baking goodies in my own kitchen, phoning through my weekly order to the Wine Store, hosting cocktail parties, sneaking the occasional ciggie, going to the Footie & enjoying a good party. Do you?

Hope you enjoy

4 kommentarer:

elenor sa...

Vad underbart att läsa om dem! =)
Får hoppas att man är lika pigga som dem när man blir äldre!
Kram Elenor

Lilla huset på prärien sa...

Underbart!! Precis sådär vill jag också må och se ut när jag är 95 år. Så himla härligt! :)

Kram J

Millie sa...

The 2 Auntie's will be delighted to hear that their fame is spreading far & wide! Thanks for featuring their story Annika, they truly are an inspiration to us, their family.
Millie ^_^

ulrika sa...

Det vore väl något, Annika... Du och jag, på ålderns höst....